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KangGuru Indoneia

Australian Scholarships 2008

Around 300 Indonesians each year receive scholarships
to study in Australia.

Would you like to have an Aussie 2008/9 scholarship
to study in Australia?

Check these application dates details below.

Scholarships include Australian Development Scholarships, Endeavour Awards and Australia Leadership Awards.

Australian Development Scholarship (ADS) applications open on June 16th and close on September 5th, 2008.

Australian Leadership Award (ALA) applications open in April 1st and close on June 30th, 2008.

Endeavour Award applications open on April 2nd and close on July 31st, 2008.

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Australian Development Scholarships (ADS)

Australian Development Scholarship (ADS) are funded by the Government of Australia for postgraduate study at Australian universities. The main goal of ADS is to promote Indonesia's human resource capacity to contribute to:

  • Improving economic management;
  • Strengthening democratic institutions and practice;
  • Increasing the accessibility and quality of basic social services; and
  • Enhancing security and stability.

Scholarships have played a significant role in Australia's development cooperation program in Indonesia, with around 11,000 scholarships provided over more than 50 years. ADS continues to be a major component of the program with up to 270 scholarships offered in 2008/2009.

Australian Development Scholarship (ADS) applications open on June 16th and close on September 5th, 2008.

Click Here for the ADS officlal website


On Kang Guru's FREE Australian Alumni 2008 CD, Rachman Ida from Surabaya talks about her ASTAS and ADS scholarships to Australia -


  • her ASTAS scholarship to Australia, 1997 - 1999.
  • her career as a Lecturer in the Communications Dept, Airlangga University, Surabaya since 1993.
  • her second scholarship (ADS) to study for her Ph D in Media Studies at Curtin Uinversity in Perth, 2002 - 2006.
  • the university study style in Australia and her particular studies in Australia.


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Ida and Zara in Surabaya

Rachman Ida and her daughter, Zara — interviewed in Surabaya in February 2008

Australian Leadership Awards (ALA)

Achmad Arifin and Najwa Shihab with the Australian Ambassador to Indonesia, Mr Bill Farmer

Achmad Arifin and Najwa Shihab with the Australian Ambassador to Indonesia, Mr Bill Farmer

In December last year, 28 outstanding Indonesians received post-graduate scholarships to study in Australia under the annual Australian Leadership Awards (ALA) program. ALA is a prestigious scholarship program that provides opportunities to existing and emerging leaders from the Asia Pacific region, including Indonesia, to further develop their professional expertise and leadership and build regional networks. For 2008, the Australian Government has awarded ALA scholarships to 172 people from 24 Asia-Pacific countries. Indonesia received more scholarships than any other country — a total of 28. Awardees will commence their studies in early-mid 2008. Kang Guru met many of the recipients at an official launch function in Jakarta.

Ms Najwa Shihab started her journalistic career in March 2000 when she joined RCTI. Najwa obtained her bachelor degree in Law from University of Indonesia on August 2000. Najwa said the highlight of her journalistic career was when she was sent to Aceh to cover the 2004 tsunami aftermath. It was very meaningful for her to see how her reports brought extensive positive responses, ranging from a mother who thanked her for voicing her emotions, fear, sadness and frustration to the rest of the world, to some voluntary groups of people who said her report inspired them go to Aceh to help. Through the Australian Leadership Award, Najwa will undertake a Master of Law Degree at the University of Melbourne.

Achmad Arifin is highly regarded by people in Pesantren Al-Muannwir in Bantul, Yogyakarta. With his extensive education and experiences, Arifin has choosen to dedicate his life in the pesantren, sharing his knowledge and expertise with students of Madrash Diniyah and with the surrounding community. Arifin already holds 2 Bachelor Degrees from IAIN Sunan Kalidjaga and Gajah Mada University plus 2 Master Degrees, one is a Master of Comparative Religions from Gadjah Mada Univesity and the other is a Master of Sociology from University of Northern Iowa, USA. Through the Australian Leaderships Awards, he will undertake a PhD Program at Griffith University in Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts General. Arifin is very grateful to be awarded an ALA. He sees it as an excellent opportunity to enrich and sharpen his capabilities, so he can make a more positive contribution to his community. He also considers the award as a chance to prove that people in traditional Islamic education institutions are able to make a significant contribution to promote a better society.

Australian Leadership Awards (ALA) open in April 1st and close on June 30th, 2008.

Click Here for the ALA officlal website

The Endeavour Awards

The Australian Government Endeavour Awards provide opportunities for leading Indonesian researchers and professionals to undertake research and professional development in Australia in a broad range of disciplines. Thirty high-achieving Indonesian academics and public servants have won Endeavour Award scholarships to undertake professional development and research in Australia in 2008.

In January, Kang Guru interviewed one of the Indonesian awardees, Pak Rohman pictured right with the Australian Ambassador to Indonesia, Mr Bill Farmer. Originally from Sukabumi, he works at the Presidential Palace Cipanas where he started as a guide in 1990. In Australia he will further his knowledge of museums but also more about how to look after the art and national treasures of Indonesia that can be found in that museum. Rohman is also keen to improve his English in Australia and told Kang Guru that he looks forward to being ‘the expert’ when he returns from Australia.

Endeavour Awards are also awarded to Australians to study and work here in Indonesia. Pak Gert from Melbourne University is so excited about the opportunity given to him as he says Indonesia is such a fascinating country especially now as it heads into democracy. No other country, that he can recall, has handled this transition so well as Indonesia is and Gert really wants to find out a lot more about it.

Pak Rohman pictured right with the Australian Ambassador to Indonesia, Mr Bill Farmer

Endeavour Awards open on April 2nd and close on July 31st, 2008.

Click Here for the Endeavour Awards officlal website

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