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Kang GURU English Language Radio in Indonesia

The KGI radio program is a great way to study English and a great and easy way to learn about Australia's Education Partnership with Indonesia and the work of the Australia Indonesia Partnership. The Kang Guru radio English-language program has 30 minutes of language help, interviews, more bilingual information and as usual news and information about the ties and links between Australia and Indonesia especially in education and culture.

The program is designed for junior high school levels of English. Listen for the new segments but regular segments such as Idioms Inggris will still be on the program.Kang Guru radio is heard on 200+ RRI and selected private and public radio stations all over Indonesia each week.

Some of the KGI broadcast radio stations are community and school-based stations and they broadcast Kang Guru Indonesia radio programs using AM, FM and SW channels right across the Indonesian archipelago every week. That is a total of over 230 broadcasts each week — that's almost 35 KGI broadcasts every day somewhere in Indonesia talking about Australia and Indonesia, education and friendship.



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Kang Guru Radio Broadcast
Schedules Province by Province


Listen to the full radio programs for 2013-14

You can listen online by clicking on the specific program number. If you are looking for specific tracks, please consult the Transcripts.

If you want to download a program, right click and select Save target as.

Series 87 - Broadcast 30 July to 15 October 2014


8701 What happened in 1989?

8702 Raising the flag

8703 Hari Kemerdekaan

8704 How to write descriptive text

8705 I want to know why

8706 Which pronoun do we use?



Series 86 - Broadcast 7 May to 23 July 2014


8601 Knock knock

8602 Oceans

8603 Selamat hari Kebangkitan Nasional

8604 As cool as a cucumber

8605 Lets save the ocean

8606 Personficiation

8607 The school holidays

8608 Learn about the passive voice

8609 How to write procedural text

8610 Let's learn about indirect speech

8611 The holiday is over

8612 Ouch!

Series 85 - Broadcast 12 February to 30 April 2014


8501 World Radio Day

8502 We’re looking forward to receiving your emails

8503 Don’t count your chickens before they hatch

8504 Kemitraan Indonesia dengan Australia akan terus berlanjut

8505 Never give up on us

8506 News from the Australia Awards

8507 Do you agree?

8508 World Health Day

8509 A letter from abroad

8510 Yes you can

8511 Natural disasters

8512 Irresponsible/unreliable/undependable

Series 84 - Broadcast 20 November 2013 to 5 February 2014


8401 Making plans

8402 What's your favourite TV program?

8403 Disabilities

8404 World Energy Day

8405 If I were you

8406 This is my December

8407 It runs in the family

8408 Checkmate!

8409 Competition winners

8410 Thirteen not thirty

8411 My mind is buzzing

8412 Let's fight cancer



Series 83 - Broadcast 28 August to 25 December 2013


8301 Inspiring stories from Sukabumi

8302 Culture shock stories from Australia

8303 Thanks to all radio presenters

8304 News of Australia Awards Scholarship awardees

8305 Walk or ride your bike to school or work

8306 Celebrating World Animal Day

8307 Beware of earthquakes

8308 Let's talk about food

8309 Do you believe or trust?

8310 Semangat!

8311 To all Indonesian heroes and heroines

8312 Brothers & sisters are as close as hands & feet


Series 82 - Broadcast 5 June to 21 August 2013


8201 Save our earth

8202 Nice to meet you

8203 KRI radio programs can be heard overseas

8204 Aust'n Foreign Minister Bob Carr at MI Manarul Huda

8205 Have a good holiday

8206 The Joeys are united

8207 Australia builds new schools in Indonesia

8208 Thanks to all KGI friends

8209 I love my school

8210 Ramadhan & Idul Fitri around the world

8211 Happy Independence Day Indonesia

8212 More than two languages are better


Why should English language learners listen to English language radio especially Kang Guru?

By listening to the weekly Kang Guru radio program regularly listeners can —

  • hear native speakers (Australian, British, American, Irish, etc.) using English in interviews and information segments
  • enjoy Indonesians speaking English including Indonesian students, academics, artists and personalities and AusAID project staff
  • find out more about the work that Indonesians and Australians are doing together through the wide variety of AusAID projects in Indonesia
  • hear a lot more news and information on a wide variety of topics than the KGRE magazine can provide
  • improve pronunciation skills by listening and copying what they hear
  • hear English being used in natural situations — interviews are an excellent example of this!
  • win prizes in the many radio only competitions
  • follow simple language activities inc. comprehension activities
  • learn about Australian and Indonesian culture and lifestyle
  • hear the latest news on scholarships and exchange programs to Australia
  • enjoy a wide selection of Australian music and on special occasions, Indonesian music


‘From Sabang to Merauke’

Indonesia map


Students across the archipelago learn English with Kang GURU Learning English is Fun!
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